Sunday, February 5, 2012

How to Start?

How do I start?
How would you?
This desire to start on my true path came to me recently (well, not really, but... I think I just finally realized what that nagging feeling inside me was).
See, there has been this strange, old, tired woman roaming around my house lately. I see her every time I walk past a mirror or i see her reflection in the sliding glass door or windows.
Why is she following me around?
WAIT, that's me???
When the @#$%* did that happen?
O.K, something has got to change.
First things first, I need to start taking care of myself.
I can't even begin to start achieving my dreams and being the person/artist I want to be when I look and feel like @#$%*.
Problem: I am one of those people that trys to "eat the elephant in one bite".
Can't be done! That's probably why I haven't been trying lately.
Well, one benefit of being that "old" woman in the mirror is that I'm a little more mature. I am learning (finally) to take things "one bite at a time".
For example; I wanted to blog today about EVERYTHING in my head. Wow, that would be a long blog. I mean seriously, this is a LONG blog for me already.
But, I'm not. Why rush after all, God willing, I've got time.
So, first thing I did was research Better Homes and Gardens to find out the best skin care products.
Then, I ran out and purchased one item. (on sale!) L'oreal Revitalift face cream with 20 spf. (I'll keep you updated on how it works) I'm having a hard time downloading pictures from the Internet right now.
Surprisingly, i already feel more motivated and slightly better about myself.
I'm sure there isn't a "noticeable" difference on the outside. But, that's not what's important. I KNOW that I'm doing something for myself.
what are you going to do for yourself today. One little thing that will help you feel better and maybe make a ripple effect in your life. It doesn't have to be anything big.
Have an amazing day.

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